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Top 4 “Homeschool on a Budget” Curricula

calculator-1330101__180Yes, you can homeschool with just a library card and a Bible! But there are some great products out there that do some of the legwork for you for not a lot of cash.

I know there are tons of blogs out there that advertise “free homeschool curriculum” or free worksheets, free preschool packs, etc. But I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for.

Those free printables, well first they need to be printed, which is not free. They also are usually not age/level appropriate and I just wind up using them as “busy work” (which I hate) or not using them at all.

Needless to say, I skip over most of the “free” printable stuff. It just does not fit our homeschool or our life. If it fits yours, that’s awesome. You keep doing what works for you.

BUT – there are some wonderful, not super expensive, curricula out there. These are products that I have used in our homeschool and have loved.

  1. Anything by Rod & Staff Publishing . It’s a Mennonite company, and while I’m not Mennonite, I love their gentle approach and Godly focus in each subject.
  2. CTC Math . You can usually google for 60% off the original price for homeschoolers. It comes to about $16 per month. But here’s the thing – CTC Math includes ALL maths from Kindergarten to Trigonometry! I have 4 kids all doing CTC Math for $16 per month total! One caveat – the gentleman who made CTC Math is from Australia, so he does have an accent and football means a different thing. But overall it’s a great curriculum.
  3. Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett. I love Unit Studies! We have done several of Amanda Bennett’s and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed them. They are reasonably priced and you do not need to print off the whole unit study. Just print the pages you absolutely need. This is worth the ink. She gives lists of other resources (books, DVDs, and websites) to accompany the unit. These are fun learning!
  4. Need a Biblical Worldview curriculum? Well the Bible is the best and you probably have a few in your house. But if you’d like an additional book, we’ve loved the Biblical Worldview set of 4 from Apologia. They’re about $28 per book, but each book will last a year. You can get notebooking journals and coloring books to go with them if you like, but we just stick with the main text. They’re absolutely fabulous and spot on Biblically. Side note – I love Apologia for Science too, and with that we love the notebook journals and lab kits, but that’s not super budget friendly so I’m not technically including them in this list 😉 .

These are my top 4 homeschooling on a budget picks. We’ve loved all of these for years. You don’t need a lot of cash to homeschool, but free isn’t always the way to go. Free things can end up being more work for a homeschooling mama.

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