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Super Easy Cleaning Schedule!

cleaningAnyone who knows me know I’m no Martha Stewart.

I love it when my house looks great, but honestly, it’s not going to be picture perfect until the kids go to college and the dogs go with them. I’m too busy trying to enjoy the moment and not wish my life away. I don’t have time to clean all day, and besides, we live here.

Since my kids are getting a bit older, I decided to make a super easy cleaning schedule to help with the everyday upkeep. This is pure genius, and I wish I had done it years ago. Sometimes it takes me a while to get with the program.

So here’s our Super Easy Cleaning Schedule:

Monday – Kitchen/Dining Room and Bathroom

Girls : Bathroom (Yay!!)

Boys: Dining Room – they move the dining set, sweep, mop, and wipe down the table and chairs.

Me: Kitchen – clear counters, sweep, mop, whatever else I can get done in the time allowed 😉

Once we ran through things a few times, it clicked, and the kids are super helpful! Maybe they’re trying to put off math a bit, but I’m ok with that.


Tuesday – Bedrooms

My kids share rooms, so they have to work together to pick up clothes, de-clutter, and sweep. We have hardwood floors throughout the house, so cleaning floors is easy.

I use this day to clean our bedroom too. Hubby and I actually use the smallest bedroom in the house (because we don’t have tons of toys) so it should be easy, but it’s difficult to keep the dresser top clear! I’m working on it.


Wednesday – Living Room

Vacuum the rug, sweep the floors, straighten bookshelves, wipe windows, dust. OH – my secret weapon here is Clorox wipes! Where have those things been all my life?! They’re great for kids to help with cleaning. They’re fun, and they make the house smell great!


Thursday – Same as Monday

Friday – Same as Tuesday

Saturday – Vehicles and Outside

Hubby is home for this and he loves cleaning our van. Ok, maybe he doesn’t love cleaning it, but he loves having a clean van.


Here’s the catch — you cannot take all day to clean!

You will wear yourself and your kids out fast! This is why we only tackle a couple rooms a day. Seriously, after a couple weeks you’ll notice that your house is being kept cleaner even between room rotations!

After breakfast and Bible time, we take 30 minutes to do our cleaning.

30 minutes.

That’s it, that’s all, and we get it done! Who knew?? It does help that our house is fairly small.

What if I’m not done cleaning in 30 minutes?

Stop. It can wait. Do the most important tasks first so you know you’ll get those done. For me, that’s sweeping/mopping and clearing surfaces. Dust can wait another 3 days if we don’t get to it.

Then we get back to homeschooling in our “cleaner than it ever used to be” house. Hooray!

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