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Living on one income, staying out of debt, and budgeting for 4 kids is tough. But then you see picture of friends on vacation smiling in the sun. Ouch. Suddenly you’re wondering if you could squeak out a small vacation.

Usually that’s the time when I spend several days online checking on prices of favorite vacation spots or even cruises. The prices hit me like a ton of bricks. $5000 for a week of fun?? No thanks!

My husband knows he is blessed with a frugal(ish) wife. I can come up with great plans, but I usually chuck them once I count the cost.

That’s one reason stay-cations have been so appealing for us. We live in a beautiful city. People drive for hours to come and do touristy things in our city. We drive by those things and say, “Oh, we should do that one day.”

Make today that day! Plan a long weekend of just doing those fun things that get pushed to the side in the midst of work, home, sleep, repeat.

There’s a great indoor waterpark in our town that our kids love. It’s pretty spendy, but they have a homeschool discount for families on weekdays during the school year. It’s great for us because, not only do we get around 30% off, but there are also fewer people there. That’s a win-win!


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