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Is Your Child Over-Scheduled?

Do you find yourself running to activities every night (or even most nights) of the week? Do you find it difficult to keep up with all the kids’ activities and groups?

If you, as a mom, are overwhelmed by all the activities – your child just might be also.

Why do we feel the need to be involved in dance, swimming, soccer, basketball, karate, AND drama at the same time? Why do we sometimes feel like we’re not “measuring up” if our child is only in two – or even just one (GASP!) – activity? Why is it worn as a badge of honor when our child has done 75 activities by the time they’re 6?

While there may be nothing inherently wrong with these activities, their demanding schedule can end up depleting the most limited resource we have with our families – time.

Can I make a suggestion in love? Pick one. Or two.

And that’s it. Drop the rest.

And rest.

Have dinner at home as a family, all together. Go out for ice cream for desert. Watch a movie together. Make a bonfire in the backyard.

Those are the activities your kids will remember and treasure.

And for that one (or two) activity? Get involved! Please, get involved!

Those activities need usually run of volunteers and they need parents who are “all in”. Your kids will benefit from having you there, especially if it’s a youth group/church or troop. They will know that you value it enough to spend your time there.

If you are willing to step up and help out with just that one activity, it will actually bring your family closer together instead of 10 activities pulling your family apart.

Being involved doesn’t have to mean being a leader or running the show. If you have a baby or toddler, or other life situation, being involved may mean that you help out from home when needed. Maybe you could help plan one event.

It’s ok to say “no” to over scheduling your kids. They’ll probably even thank you for it around the bonfire.

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