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A Mom that doesn’t cook? My Confession

retro-1321078__180Moms who love to cook heartily for their clans amaze me. Moms who home cook every meal and rarely go out to eat. I can picture myself in my kitchen lovingly and skillfully preparing beautiful meals for my family as the aromas waft out into the living room as my kids (and husband!) eagerly await the call to dinner.

Yeah. That’s not exactly my reality.

I may be good at many things, but cooking is not among them. It’s not that I can’t cook. I can read recipes and I know a bit of kitchen science.

It’s that I don’t like to cook. I don’t think I ever have. Why spend 2 hours cooking a meal that will be wolfed down in under 5 minutes? Doesn’t seem like a good use of time. And don’t get me started on the clean up and dish washing time.

Going out to eat is a line item in my budget. It’s partly a food budget and partly an entertainment budget for me. I think it’s entertaining to NOT do dishes.

Obviously the 2 main objections to eating out are 1.) It’s not healthy, and 2.) It’s expensive.

Yes, and yes.

So in order to live a healthier and budget-ier (yup, that’s a word today) life, I have chosen to make eating at home a priority.

After a few weeks of toast, granola bars, and mac-n-cheese, the kids were getting tired of it. I was already past tired of it and on to loathing it.

What’s a non-chef mom to do?

I listened to my inner budgeting voice, Dave Ramsey, and looked up Emeals.

For about $5 per month, they send me recipes and shopping lists. They have many different meal types to choose from, Clean Eating, Diabetic, Low Carb, Kid Friendly, Budget Friendly, and so on!

Right now we’re enjoying the Low Calorie meals. Some are fantastic, some are ok, and some I just don’t make because I know we wouldn’t like it. But that’s ok, I can pick and choose which meals I’ll do each week. I print them and save them and circle the hits and cross out the misses.

And honestly, they’re pretty easy to make. I actually have found myself being a bit of a Julia Child. Ok not really. But they are easy and tasty. It makes me feel like I’m helping my family be healthier and budget-ier (still a word).



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